Ash and Dust Have No Dominion

by Faces of Bayon

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Image is not the final album cover.

For optimum listening enjoyment this album should be listened to in the track order listed without space between tracks.

CD copies of the album will be pressed when the final art is completed and if there are any record labels interested in releasing the album on vinyl please contact the band through our facebook page:

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released August 15, 2015

Line-up for this album:

Matt Smith — Guitar, vocals
Ron Miles — Bass
Mike Brown — Drums

Current Faces of Bayon drummer Mike Lenihan

Recorded by Clay Neely at Black Coffee Sound, Williamsburg, MA
May-June 2013

Mastered by Chris Drzal



all rights reserved


Faces of Bayon Fitchburg, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Concilium
Teetering on the brink of existence
I see myself as a form of light
Traveling through my own persistence 
My actions shall determine my plight

The very thoughts that hold me high
Will bring my purpose to me nigh
The sun, the moon, the stars, the sky
Engulf me as I begin to fly

When the end is bleak and there is life to live
There's a path that nature has to give
Only you can escape this life of emptiness
Start digging your way, leave your life of pain and piss!

If I died today I'd be frozen in time
nothing left but a lyric to rhyme

to never grow old and never decay
the image you see will not fade away

The pain of life we all must feel
Is what makes this bliss seem real
don't question why it is this way
Just carve your path every day!
Track Name: Quantum Life
drifting in space
spirals interface
Quantum Leap
leaves us perplexed
feels its reflex

What brought us here?
To feel this life
congealed forces
injected splice

To wonder aloud
"Is this a dream?"
light encased
through a single beam

Quantum Life
will we see the light?
or are we destined
to live in eternal night?

Somewhere within
lies the eternal mind
we sail through
the life we tried to find
Track Name: Blasphemies of The Forgotten World
Let it be known to the many who seek
the wisdom of Ancients, keep silent discreet
Through raging disasters that soon come to pass
the future is certain, come the old ones at last.

Rise up all the Holy in defense of our souls
as the form of the nothing devours and grows
from the gates come the rolling abyss
disguised and accepted by our ignorant bliss.

They led the dances in the circle with Pan
theirs is the silence that shadows a plan
hungry and ancient their time has begun
to who will you pray when this madness has come?

Architectural blasphemy
unnatural progression
misdirected symmetry in mathematical digression

Into the womb of the Universe
they shall rise
see in their eyes
blasphemies of the forgotten world
send their wrath, evil unfurled

blasphemies of the forgotten world
send their wrath, evil unfurled
Into the womb of the Universe
they shall rise
see in their eyes, LOOK OUT!!!!!!
Track Name: With You Comes The Cold
To break the veil in a timeless fail
To choke this life with unholy hail

Transcend your plane, no longer insane
free to roam, find your true home
Track Name: So Mote It Be
"So mote it be" the high priest spoke
Those gathered within the circle unbroken
We must join our hearts together as one
And focus our thoughts toward the sun

Gravitate toward the ones who will know
Let them bring the knowledge to show
Our minds will bear eternal love
So let us now become one as above

Lay our troubles on the altar of light
Let them burn throughout the night
We'll bid them farewell with the torch of life
Never to return to cause us strife

While the world wakes we shall sleep
Safe within our castle's keep
Let us be strong to face the day
For now we shall bide our time in our way

"So mote it be" (repeat)